BLESSING PRAYERS:                                                          for personal meditation & communal celebration


Author: George B. Wilson, S.J.

The practice of private personal prayer can seem disconnected from one’s participation in communal worship, particularly when one or the other becomes routine and hollow. Blessing Prayers can bring these expressions of prayer back into harmony by integrating the images and events of our history with our unfolding experiences as individuals and as a human community. For the praying community — a small group or a local church — these prayers engage those gathered in the journey of God’s people across the centuries, inviting participants to be attuned to the Lord’s actions today in our religious and civil life.

“We need these prayers. The words are true, the vistas are wide, the needs are real. These prayers open us. . . catch us on fire.” — Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ, Author of “Dead Man Walking”

“Why do I recommend these prayers with high enthusiasm? The language is imaginative, vivid, picturesque, captivated me with its power. The sense lines compel me to focus, as rarely before, on individual words and phrases. . .Very simply, these prayers I want to pray.” — Walter J. Burghardt, S.J. / Preaching the Just Word, Woodstock Theological Center

“Creative, imaginative, and profound. . . They are of the earth — earthy. Of the Spirit — fiery. Of the flesh — holy. An extraordinary source for all who gather to pray. . .” — Maria Harris, Author

“These sensitive and insightful prayers. . . flow with a gentleness and power that can touch one deeply.” — Claire Randall / Former Head, National Council of Churches

George B. Wilson, S.J. has a doctorate in Ecclesiology from The Gregorian University. He taught at Woodstock College for ten years before becoming a “hands-on” practitioner for 27 years with Management Design Institute, facilitating the development of cohesive church communities. Integrating personal and communal life has been a major professional interest and work, developing rituals grounded in the unique culture and charism of each community. Blessing Prayers is his latest contribution to this effort.

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