CHURCH LEADERSHIP:                                                           A Human Systems Approach to Leadership

Training in the Ethical Use of Power

Author: George B. Wilson, S.J. 

The Catholic Church is at a critical turning point. Its future direction depends upon every baptized member to take responsibility. How can any individual Catholic influence such a complex and diverse institution? By coming to realize we each have power: individual power and collective power — power we can use to create and build...or to drag down and even destroy. Training in the ethical use of power is what the
CHURCH LEADERSHIP manual provides. Here’s how: 

• It makes you exercise your skills at mining your own experience; it is not a book to be simply read and shelved. 

• It draws on more than 30 years of hands-on experience in forming church ministers at various levels and in guiding the constructive empowerment of clergy and laity in over 40 dioceses. 

• It combines cognitive constructs and practical applications. 

• It is designed for leaders at any level of church life: bishops and judicatory officials; pastors; men and women with experience in pastoral ministry as well as those in formation for formal ministry; laity who want to use their baptismal power to influence the directions of their parish or diocese. 

• It includes lenses for interpreting your community as a social system; principles for developing effective strategic responses; and the process tools for implementing your strategic choices. 

George Wilson, S.J. has a doctorate in Ecclesiology from The Gregorian University. He taught at Woodstock College for 10 years before becoming a management consultant for 30 years at Management Design Institute, facilitating the development of both corporate institutions and church communities. 

Includes CD PowerPoint Training Program. (Loose-leaf bound to include your notes & responses to various exercises.)


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