DOMINGO Libro de Lecturas


Lectionary Adapted for Children 
Liturgical Years A, B and C


  • Inclusive language, age appropriate, for children 6 to 12 years old.
  • Fulfills requirements of the Directory for Masses With Children.
  • Used in thousands of parishes across the U.S. and endorsed for liturgical use with children by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Episcopal Commission on Liturgy. 
  • Beautifully bound for liturgical celebrations (Ritual Edition)
  • Large, readable type set in sense lines.
  • Each volume includes 52 Sundays, Feasts of the Lord, and Solemnities.
  • Compiled by a talented team of specialists: Christiane Brusselmans/Catechist; Sr. Paule Freeburg, D.C./Biblicist & Liturgist; Rev. Edward Matthews/Liturgist & Pastor; Christopher Walker/Composer & Liturgist; Angeles Pla Farmer/Spanish Translator, Catechist.
  • To see sample pages, click here

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Año C $39.95

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