SUNDAY Liturgy of the Word Planning Guide


(Photo for illustrative purposes only. Planning Guides are always current with the correct year for the upcoming liturgical year quarter.)

This publication is vital for parishes who wish their children’s sessions to be prayerful liturgy rather than classroom learning experiences. It provides everything you need to plan the Sunday liturgy with children.

  • Includes complete outline with space for you to plan your celebration.
  • Equips you to engage the children in a Listen/Reflect/Respond meditation process. (Recommended by Los Angeles Cardinal Mahoney in his Pastoral Letter.)
  • Provides suggestions for music and gestures. 
  • Includes Reflection Activity sheets which may be reproduced for use during the catechetical session or at home. The sheets avoid activities (such as follow-the-dot games and mazes) that distract children from deeper reflection.
  • Includes background notes on the liturgical season and scriptures as well as suggested resources.
  • Used in thousands of parishes across the U.S. and endorsed by Canadian Bishops.

The SUNDAY Planning Guides were designed to comply with liturgical principles for Children's Liturgy of the Word:

  • Maintains the integrity of liturgy as a ritual celebration of God's presence in the word.
  • Respects the spiritual life of children and the formative influence of liturgical experience.
  • Involves children in the creative activity of ritual-making and avoids distracting arts and crafts activities.
  • Engages the child's imagination whereby children have access to the mystery of God's presence in their lives.
  • Trusts the power of liturgical symbol and biblical imagery to capture the child's natural sense of wonder and awe.
  • Encourages prayer and praise for the celebration of God's relationship with us and our relationship with each other in Christ
  • To see sample pages, click here.

$29.95 per copy per quarter.

As parishes generally recognize the ease and convenience of providing individual copies to leaders who are volunteering their time, we are pleased to provide bulk discounts for multiple copies ordered per quarter:

2 or 3 copies      $24.95 each

4 to 10 copies     $19.95 each

11 to 20 copies    $18.71 each

21 to 30 copies   $17.46 each

31 or more           $16.21 each

Planning Guides are published quarterly and sent automatically to those with a standing order. To sign up, call, email, or use the ORDER FORM under the SUNDAY Children’s Liturgy of the Word Series - Standing Order Items section.  Your standing order will begin with the next quarter of the liturgical year unless you instruct otherwise.

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