Author: James Kraus, STD

These Psalms in verse are " outstanding work of translation. Spiritually sensitive and esthetically satisfying. Deserves to be more widely known and appreciated.” —Bruce M. Metzger, Professor Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary / Chairperson of NRSV Bible Committee / Co-Editor of Oxford Annotated Bible and the Oxford Companion to the Bible

"...Achieves variety and flexibility in the (poetic) forms with fidelity to the sense. And for the modern ear he has used inclusive language sensibly and sensitively, itself enough reason to hear the psalms sing themselves in a new voice.” —A.J. Kuhn, Ph.D. / English Scholar Former Provost of Ohio State University

This acclaimed translation integrates the Psalms and the Scripture readings of the Lectionary with personal prayer, in an arrangement for daily use following the feasts and seasons of the liturgical year. The Psalms have been given a new and faithful translation, in inclusive language, that makes them more intelligible, and emphasizes their original character as poems and hymns. References and introductions are given for all the readings of the Lectionary; readers then use their own Bibles in the translation they prefer. The brief prayers invite the creativity of the user, and provision is made for the inclusion of other personal and traditional prayers. An ideal gift for yourself or others.

James Kraus, STD, the author, has had the broad experience required for such a work. Theologian, pastor, family man, English teacher, liturgist, leader of popular song, he is one who has tried to live the liturgy over a long life, and desires only to help others to do the same, only better. One of the author’s sons suggests that we say this book is “innovative, all natural, and fat-free.” Who could refuse such a feast?

Quality, illustrated paperback.  (240 pp.)

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