DOMINGO Folletos de los Escrituras



  • Weekly leaflets with Sunday readings adapted for children.
  • Carefully illustrated to convey message particularly to young people.
  • Prayers and reflective activities nurture prayer and further reflection through the week.
  • Key words and people described to deepen children's knowledge of scriptures and liturgical seasons.
  • Complements any Sunday lectionary adapted for children.
  • An integral part of the SUNDAY Liturgy of the Word for Children series, used in thousands of parishes across the U.S. and endorsed by the Canadian Bishops.
  • Also available in English.
  • To see a sample leaflet, click here.

Leaflets can be ordered for the entire year or quarterly. 

Treehaus Quarters are as follows:

  • Advent-Christmas (Winter)
  • Lent-Easter (Spring)
  • Trinity Sunday-Ordinary Time (Summer)
  • Ordinary Time-Christ the King (Fall)

  • Leaflets are priced per set. One set of leaflets provides a leaflet for each Sunday of the quarter for one child.
  • A full year of leaflets per child costs only the equivalent of a ticket for a child to attend a movie theater a single time!
  • The minimum quantity of sets which can be ordered is five.
  • Parishes generally join our standing order to receive the leaflets every quarter. The SUNDAY Program enables children to hear the Word of God in words they can understand. The program is truly liturgy, not school. Just as adults do not take the summer off from attending liturgy, we recommend the program be held year round. However, if your parish chooses to take the summer off, pricing involves a lesser discount.
Leaflet Pricing Chart

Leaflets are published quarterly and sent automatically to those with a standing order. To sign up, call, email, or use the ORDER FORM under the SUNDAY Children’s Liturgy of the Word Series - Standing Order Items section.  Your standing order will begin with the next quarter of the liturgical year unless you instruct otherwise.

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