A Photobook by Gerard Pottebaum, Photographer 

This photobook engages viewers in reflecting on the power of photography to reveal the very presence of a person, transcending place and time. Originally an exhibit of over 40 faces, the photographs include men, women, and children from throughout the globe. They invite us to wonder, “Who are we?” Faces filled with joy, anxiety, hope, compassion, suffering and love are juxtaposed to random quotations from a wide range of sources — from Shakespeare to Gandhi, Mark Twain to the Koran, as well as an auto-mechanic with an oil-stained Napa hat who says his favorite Bible passage “is the one about standing humble before the Lord.” The quotations invite viewers to connect their own story to this grand unfolding human narrative — to celebrate the revelation we encounter in being human. An exceptional gift for adult reflection on the person as a “temple of the Spirit.” The Human Face is a book one revisits often to renew one’s soul – the presence of the Other within us. For use in religious education, social studies, photo-journalism, group discussion, private meditation.

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“Overwhelmingly meaningful…Rivals Edward Steichen’s legendary ‘Family of Man’ exhibit, and in these days of racial discourse has unique value – challenging us to find ourselves in each other.” 
–Timothy Leonard, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, St. Xavier University, Chicago

“It is a beauty.”
–Gabriel Moran, Author/Professor Emeritus, New York University

“I found myself lifted up by it…You have revealed that photography can be for Western Christians what iconography is for Eastern Christians, as rich and sacramental, and mysterious.”
–James Kraus, Biblical Theologian/Translator

“It is truly a spiritual experience to read…I would like to use it
as gifts and to show to my diversity class.”
–Sr. Rose Ann Fleming, SND DeN, Special Assistant to the President, Xavier University, Cincinnati

“I was immensely touched by the beauty of the photos…(They) capture not only faces but glimpses of people’s inner essences.” 
–Rudolph Pruden, Sociologist

Quality paperbound. 


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