SUNDAY Weekly Leader Guide



  • Homily notes include Focus of Readings and Ideas for Reflections With Children.
  • Scripture readings adapted for children in keeping with Directory for Masses With Children (Same as SUNDAY Lectionary Adapted for Children, used in thousands of parishes across the U.S. and endorsed by Canadian Bishops.)
  • Music for Psalm Responses and Gospel Acclamations by Christopher Walker.
  • Prayer of the Day for each Sunday.
  • Each volume includes 52 Sundays plus Feasts of the Lord and Solemnities.
  • Also available in Spanish.
  • To see sample pages, click here.

Year A $39.95

Year B $39.95

Year C $39.95

      Additional 2-4 volumes of same year: $34.95 each. 

      Additional 5-8 volumes of same year: $29.95 each. 

      Additional 9+ volumes of same year: $19.95 each.

    (Listed on order form under the SUNDAY Children’s Liturgy of the
      Word Series - Books

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